Another Line→

By: ehdreeahnah

Rating: T

Genre: Adventure/ Fantasy

Status: Incomplete (Chapter 33 added January 15, 2012)

Time Frame: 3 years after Zero Two (minus epilogue)

Characters: All Zero Two Digidestined, including some siblings, parents, Catherine, Wallace, and several OCs. Names are original Japanese with reference to dub names as nicknames.

Description: Three years ago, Hikari drew three coloured lines on a computer screen: our world, the Digital World and the Dark Ocean; But Takeru added more. After defeating Malomyotismon life returned to normal, no one thought they would have to survive one more line.

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By: Birdboy2000

Rating: T

Genre: General or Action/Adventure, I guess.

Status: It’s intended as a one-shot, but it’s pretty open ended.

Characters: All the 01 and 02 chosen.  There isn’t really a main character.  Japanese names, no real OCs.

Story: FFN summary with more character room would be: “It has been eight years since the events of Digimon 02. The governments of Earth have invaded the Digital World and seek to turn it into a colony, while digimon radicals fight back and kill any digimon who act too human and the Chosen Children are caught in the middle.”  That’s the setting, anyway - the fic itself is a series of loosely connected vignettes, one from the perspective of each 01-02 chosen child. 

Ramblings of a Disgruntled Teenage Boy→

By: Blondie121147

Rating: T (contains swearing/mention of sex)

Genre: Drama/Friendship

Status: Incomplete (Chapter 9 added November 22th 2011)

Time Frame: Adventure/02

Character: Tai x Sora x Yamato triangle.

Description: “After an incident at school, Tai is forced into therapy sessions twice a week. After refusing to talk, his counselor makes him write down his side of the story in a non-censored, tell me how you’re feeling, journal of sorts. He thinks it’s stupid at first but once he gets into it he starts to realize some things about himself he never knew before.” Told in Tai’s POV.

Now and Then→

By: TCspeaksOnIt

Rating: T

Genre: Humor/Drama

Status: Incomplete (Chapter 10 added October 14, 2011)

Time Frame: Adventure 02 (English dub)

Character(s): Davis

Description: After years of absence, he had finally returned to where it had all began, Odaiba. It felt so different being back here, it felt as if he was a stranger to this place. Everything seemed so foreign, he couldn’t believe that he was so out of touch after only a few years of leaving Japan. None of this was right, he didn’t belong here anymore and he knew it. This wasn’t his home. 

A While Ago→

By: daydreamclarial

Rating: K+

Genre: Romance/ Drama

Status: Incomplete

Time Frame: Pre-Season 1

Characters: Sora and Matt.

Description: About the time Sora and Matt met, told by Matt.

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By: havenforsplatter



Status: Incomplete (Chapter 2 added ____)

Time Frame: Adventure 02

Characters: Takeru x Hikari

Description: Takeru and Hikari struggle with their inner demons as the find themselves drifting apart from each other. Their love is tested through time and space apart.

Tale As Old As Time→

By: Diadem

Rating: T

Genre: Romance/Drama

Status: Complete

Time Frame: After Tamers one year after Locomon incident. Rika’s Birthday.

Characters: Rika Nonaka and Ryo Akiyama

Description: It’s Rika’s birthday and everyone is there including Ryo. There friends push them together and they start dancing. What will happen when they embrace each other? (Idk start reading lololol.)

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Her Heart→

By: diadem

Rating: T

Genre: Romance

Status: Complete

Time Frame: After 02 but before epilogue.

Characters: TK Takaishi and Kari Kamiya

Description: Kari, a lonely girl in Kindergarten gets her heart broken. Can she trust another boy to cherish it forever?

Related Links: N/A

Extra: I’m not a very confident writer and I am quite nervous about submitting this.

Digimon: World Break→

By: bouncyerbear

Rating: K+

Genre: Adventure.

Status: Incomplete (Chapter 6 added September 22, 2011.)

Time Frame: Crossover.

Characters: (Adventure & 02) : Tai, Matt, Ken, Davis and their partner digimon (Tamers) : Takato, Henry and their partners. (Frontier) : Takuya and Koji. Dub names are used and OC Digimon are included.

Description: The core of all digital worlds, Yggdrasil, is in danger of falling to the greatest darkness of all. Only the children chosen by its roots can stop the chaos from spreading out to all worlds, digital and human alike. Will they be able to do it when so much more is at stake? A multi-season crossover from Adventure to Frontier era.

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Scarlet Stains→

By: digimondbzauncharted

Rating: T

Genre: (N/A)

Status: Incomplete (Chapter 4 added September 25, 2011)

Time Frame: Two years after 02. (Tai, Matt and Sora are High School Seniors)

Characters: Main character is an OC.

Description: After years of being separated from the other Digidestined, Arden finally reunites with her old friends to discover new problems have cropped up in both their day-to-day lives and the Digital World.

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Average Rating: 4/5

Reviews: 1


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